4Layer Super GC+
Image: 4Layer

4Layer Technologies – the same talented group which came up with the Forever Pak 64 – has just announced the Super GC+, a drop-in replacement RCB kit which allows you to use your SNES pads with the Nintendo GameCube.

The kit consists of the GC+ 2.0 module, which allows button remapping from the GC+ configuration app on your homebrew-ready console. It even adds rumble to the controller – something that isn't present in the original SNES pad.

The catch? Well, while the PCB is certainly a 'drop-in' replacement and no internal modifications are needed to the shell of the controller, you'll have to be reasonably confident with a soldering iron to install this mod. Not only does it require you to mount the GC+ 2.0 module to the Super GC+ PCB, but you'll also need to remove the shoulder button PCBs from your original SNES pad and resolder them to the Super GC+ PCB.

The Super GC+ will also work on your Wii, and is perfect for playing games via the Game Boy Player (on GameCube) or playing retro games, either via the Virtual Console or via emulation (on Wii).

The kit costs $34.99 and can be purchased directly from 4Layer.