Ray'Z Arcade Chronology
Image: Taito

Update [Tue 26th Sep, 2023 09:30 BST]: Ray'Z Arcade Chronology is now finally available on Steam (as of yesterday). You can purchase it now for £43.99 from this link. Are you going to pick it up? Let us know in the comments!

Original Story [Fri 4th Aug, 2023 13:00 BST]: Taito has announced that M2's Ray Series compilation Ray'z Arcade Chronology will be coming to Steam later this Fall (as spotted by Gosokkyu!).

The collection was released back in March of this year in Japan for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with ININ Games publishing it to Western storefronts on June 30th. Now, though, it seems that PC players won't have to wait too long to experience the collection that includes RayForce (1994), RayStorm (1996), and RayCrisis (1998), as well as two HD remasters called RayStorm neo-HD and RayCrisis HD.

Here's a description of the collection taken from Steam:

"Ray'z Arcade Chronology, collects the entire acclaimed 'Ray' series of 90s arcade-classic, vertically scrolling shooting games, along with enhanced HD versions of the two 3D titles, into a single, definitive collection!

The series is known for its lock-on laser, an elegant combination of style and substance, allowing the player to simultaneously shoot down multiple enemies with a single button, nullifying threats preemptively. Tamayo's timelessly beautiful, scene-setting musical scores, and the series' immersive storytelling and world-building, depicted through gameplay alone are a winning combination which has led to high acclaim from players everywhere, leading to a series with as much popularity as Taito's other flagship shooting series: Darius.

This collection provides faithful ports of the arcade version of each game, adding more soundtracks, gadgets, quality of life features, and more!"

Right now, we don't have a firm release date on when the game will be dropping, but we'll try to keep you updated once more news becomes available. For now, you can wishlist the game on Steam in order to show your interest.

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