Jail Break
Image: Konami

Hamster Corp has revealed that it will be bringing Konami's action shooter Jail Break (known in Japan as "Manhattan 24th Bunsho") to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as part of Arcade Archives (thanks Famitsu!). The game will be available starting from tomorrow (September 14th).

Originally debuting back in the arcades in 1986, Jail Break saw players trying to restore order after a mass breakout at a prison. You assume control of a police officer tasked with rescuing civilians and subduing the escaped criminals scattered across the city, armed with a pistol, tear gas, and a bazooka to select from.

The game for the most part is fairly straightforward — you walk left to right and blast away at enemies — but there are a couple of baffling cameos and easter eggs thrown in too. For instance, if you blow up certain containers with a bazooka, a shirtless Batman will inexplicably appear on screen, whereas shooting prisoners located in windows will occasionally transform them into naked women.

In addition to being released in arcades, Jail Break later appeared on a bunch of home consoles and computers. These include the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, PC, and Xbox 360.

You will be able to get the game tomorrow from the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store.

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