Dark Adventure
Image: Konami

During today's Mad Shark livestream, Hamster revealed that Konami's arcade action title Dark Adventure will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 on August 17th as part of Arcade Archives (thanks Game Watch!).

Dark Adventure was originally released in North America in 1987 and focused on an Indiana Jones-like archaeologist named Dr. Condor, a reporter named Labryna, and another archaeologist named Zorlock, who are all transported to a mysterious world filled with monsters after opening up a demon's sarcophagus during a press conference. The original machine notably allowed up to three people to play together, with each character possessing a different weapon including a whip, sword, and spear.

However, when the game was eventually released in Japan (as "Majū no Ōkoku") and Europe & Australia (as "Devil World"), it would only be distributed as a 2-player conversion kit, with the character of Zorlock being removed and the adventure title undergoing a bunch of changes and adjustments.

In these versions, players start with a long-range weapon instead of melee items. There are also a bunch of alterations made to the number of levels too and their design across different regions.

This upcoming release will feature all three versions of the game, as confirmed by Hamster in the announcement.

If you want to grab the game, be sure to keep an eye out for its release on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store later this month.

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