Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Image: Konami

The fashion label SuperGroupies has teamed up with Konami to create a new range of merchandise based on the classic action-platformer series Castlevania (thanks GoNintendo!).

There are 6 items included in this special range, with four products still available to preorder (until September 24th or while stocks last). These include 2 watches and 2 jackets inspired by characters that appear in the 1997 PlayStation title Castlevania: Symphony of Night: the vampire slayer Richter Belmont and Dracula's half-human son Alucard. We have more info on each of these items below.

Richter Belmont Watch

First up is this watch inspired by Richter Belmont, the character who debuted in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. The watch features a rich blue colour to match his familiar uniform and also features the Belmont crest, a cross-shaped dagger above 6 o'clock, references to subweapons, and a pattern around the center dial representing his iconic weapon: the Vampire Killer.

The watch costs $250 and is estimated to be delivered in late April 2024.

Alucard Watch

Similar to the Richter watch design, this item modelled after Alucard features a ton of neat references to the character. These include the crest representing Alucard's shield, eight hour markers in the shape of coffins, and a set of patterns around the center dial referencing the character's shape-shifting abilities.

You can preorder the watch for $250. Again, this is estimated to ship next year in late April.

Richter Belmont Jacket

If watches aren't your thing, SuperGroupies is also offering jackets based on the characters. The first of these is based on Richter Belmont and is meant to be a "modern medieval" piece of attire. Again, there are plenty of subtle nods to the character in its design, including an X-shape across its front (representing his crisscrossing belts from Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles), a small Belmont crest tag on the back, and a printed tag on the inside pocket containing pictures of two iconic subweapons (holy water and a cross) as well as a heart.

The jacket costs $200 and is estimated to be shipped in March 2024.

Alucard Jacket

The last item is another jacket, though this time it is modelled after Alucard's trademark long coat and features golden embroideries decorating the pockets and cuffs as well as a high collar. On the collar, if you look closely, you can see some more nods to Alucard's shapeshifting forms.

It costs $200 and is again slated to be shipped next March.

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