Suikoden II
Image: Konami

The fashion brand SuperGroupies has partnered with Konami to produce a bunch of Suikoden II-inspired fashion items (as recently spotted by GoNintendo!).

So if you're looking to freshen up your style, and outwardly express your love of the classic PlayStation RPG that debuted in Japan back in 1998, this might be something worth looking into.

The collection is meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game and features 6-items in total, including bags and watches that are inspired by the Suikoden II protagonist Riou, as well as the characters Jowy and Luc. Though be warned, for better or worse, they're not exactly the cheapest, with the items designed to be a bit more on the premium side.

The Hero Backpack & Watch

The accessories modelled after Riou include a black backpack with red and gold features and a gold and brown watch with red accents — a reference to the colours of the character's design.

There are also a ton of other neat nods across both items that fans will spot, including allusions to his signature tonfas (known as the Twin Fang), as well as the rune of beginning, and the bright shield rune.

The bag costs $180 and is available here. The watch, meanwhile, costs $190 and can be found here.

Jowy Model Bag & Watch

Besides the items modelled after Riou, there is also another set of accessories that pay tribute to his childhood friend, Jowy.

As with the above, the colours are meant to represent the character's costume, with the bag being navy and brown, while the watch is blue and brown with silver accents. Many of the features across both items are also meant to symbolize the close bond between Jowy, Nanami, and Riou who grew up together, with the characters' weapons being embossed on the inside of the bag, while different-coloured crystal stones are set within the watch face representing each of them.

The Jowy bag costs $150, while the watch costs $190.

Luc Model Bag & Watch

Last but not least, there is also a set of accessories available for fans of the magic user Luc, including a brown and green bag, and a watch with silver accents. These both include references to the True Wind Rune, which is a rune that Luc is in possession of in the game.

The bag will set you back $150. The watch, on the other hand, costs $190.

All items are available for pre-order now until August 27th and are expected to ship in Early February 2024.

Are you going to be picking any of these up? Let us know!

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