Sega Dreamcast
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Retro Fighters, the company behind the BladeGC and the Brawler64, has just unveiled a new next-gen wireless version of its popular "StrikerDC" controller for the Sega Dreamcast.

The announcement was made on Twitter yesterday (August 7th), with Retro Fighters posting a forty-second teaser trailer for the controller showing off its new ergonomic design, which is similar in shape and style to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

As outlined in the tweet, it will come with a rumble feature and no drift hall effect sensors. But obviously, the key selling point here is that the new controller will also be able to connect to your Dreamcast console wirelessly. It does this via a dongle attached to the console, which is also where players will need to plug in their VMU (or Visual Memory Unit).

The removal of the VMU slot from the controller clearly isn't the most elegant or ideal solution, but as Retro Fighters has stated in the comments below the tweet that "it was what [they] had to do" to realize a wireless take on the controller.

You can preorder the controller now from the Retro Fighters website. It will be available in both blue and white and will cost $49.99.

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