Star Fox
Image: Nintendo

In case you couldn't tell, we're all massive Star Fox fans over here at Time Extension. In the past, we've gone to the effort of interviewing Argonaut's founder Jez San, spoken to its programmer Dylan Cuthbert, and have even put together a lengthy Making Of on the game to try and find out as much as we can about the history and legacy of the 16-bit classic.

So, inevitably, when we spotted recently (via Nintendo Wire) that Hard4Games had uploaded a brand new video covering a bunch of previously unseen tapes from around the time of the Super Star Fox Weekend Competition, we knew that we had to check it out immediately to learn a bit more about this famous event.

The Super Star Fox Weekend Competition (or "Starwing Official Competition"), in case you are unaware, was a special Star Fox event that Nintendo hosted back in 1993 in both North America and Europe. Players would battle it out on a modified cart of the game, which included altered versions of Corneria and the Asteroid stages with a 5-minute time limit imposed on all taking part. Prizes were given away at the event to the best-performing players, with rewards including Star Fox pins, T-shirts, Flight Jackets, and a trip to one of four "exotic" locations.

Over the years, fans have done a ton of work to try and catalog the ins and outs of the event, and now thanks to Hard4Games, we've got a proper look at a previously unarchived radio spot (given to the YouTuber by the retro collector @GetTheGreg), as well as an instructional video informing participating retailers on how Nintendo wanted the competition to be set up.

This instructional video makes up the bulk of the video and is gloriously '90s, right down to the tucked-in t-shirts and high-waisted jeans. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating document of the event that I'm guessing many never really expected to see. In it we get a closer look at the special retail stands that were used for the event, as well as information on how prizes were meant to be distributed.

You can watch the full video below:

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