Dragon Quest II
Image: Enix

Dragon Quest II for the NES has received a bunch of reissues over the years (including to the MSX, MSX2, and SNES, to name just a few of the platforms), but we never expected to see the game being ported over to the Sega Master System.

After all, the Dragon Quest series was typically associated with Nintendo machines back when the Master System was around (thanks to a third-party exclusivity deal), making the idea of its appearance on a piece of Sega hardware not just unlikely but frankly inconceivable for the time.

Recently, though, thanks to a hobbyist developer named Massie, we've been able to gaze upon a version of the classic RPG running on the classic Sega machine, with the Japanese creator posting some promising updates of their own unofficial attempt to port the Enix/Chunsoft RPG over to the Sega System (thanks Master Linkuei!).

From a small bit of research, it appears that Massie has been working on the port since 2022, which is when they started publicly posting updates on their Twitter. Since then, they have posted over 323 updates on the social media platform, many of which include small clips showcasing the battles, world map, and towns, rebuilt for the Master System. You can view some of these below:

The project is being made using devkitSMS, which is a development kit that can be used for creating homebrew games for the Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, and SC-3000 and is being written in C.

We're not exactly sure what Massie intends to do with the project once they're finished with it. I.E. whether they'll distribute it or if this is just an experiment they're doing for fun in their own time. But we applaud the effort nonetheless! And hope that you find some of these updates as interesting as we do.

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