Baraduke 2
Image: Namco

Hamster Corporation has announced that it will be bringing the Namco shooter Baraduke 2 to Nintendo Switch and PS4 on August 3rd as part of its Arcade Archives series of arcade reissues (as spotted by ohfivepro!). This follows the release of the original Baraduke, which appeared on both consoles back in November of last year.

Baraduke 2 (or Bakutotsu Kijūtei as it is also known) was released exclusively in Japan in 1988 and hasn't ever made its way out to the West, making this one of the more interesting reissues to come out of Arcade Archives in a while.

In Baraduke 2, you play as either Takky (the player 2 from the first game) or Hommy (a brand new character), as they do battle against the Octi, an alien species that has invaded the planet of the one-eyed extra-terrestrials known as the Paccets. Much like the original, there's plenty of running, jumping, and gunning. However, this time around players can also rescue and recruit the Paccets in the level to follow and fight alongside them.

If you want to pick the game up, we recommend keeping an eye on the Nintendo eShop or the PlayStation Store on August 3rd (bear in mind the Western storefronts can sometimes take a little while to update). You can watch a playthrough of the arcade game below: