King and Balloon
Image: Namco

Hamster Corporation announced earlier today that the Namco shooter King & Balloon will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 on July 20th, as part of its Arcade Archives series (thanks Gosokkyu!).

King & Balloon first entered arcades back in 1980 and was a simple shooter that saw you maneuvering a weapon along a castle wall to blast down balloons that are trying to abduct the king. It notably featured a digitized voice (a novelty at the time) with the endangered royal screaming for help whenever they found themselves stepping into a trap.

The game was later ported to the MSX computer in Japan a few years after its arcade release and has also received a bunch of reissues over the years. This includes appearances on the Japanese-only Namco Museum Encore for PS1, as well as the international releases Namco Museum Battle Collection for PSP, Namco Museum Virtual Arcade for Xbox 360, and Namco Museum Megamix for Nintendo Wii.

You'll be able to buy it from the Nintendo Switch eShop or the PlayStation store later in the month.