Gunmetal Gothic

Over the last decade, we've seen a clear resurgence in the number of games hearkening back to the PS1 and Dreamcast era. There's just something about that specific period in gaming with its blurry, low-resolution textures and jagged edges that still seems so engaging and refreshing against a backdrop of ever-more realistic and expensive AAA fare (be it because of nostalgia or simply artistic preference).

If you feel the same way, then you'll likely be as excited to learn about ynoham's Gunmetal Gothic as we were β€” a new retro-style co-op RPG that is coming to PC (via Steam).

The game sees you take control of an Anchorite β€” one of Vestige City's last lines of defense against a wave of extra-dimensional beings β€” and allows you to team up with up to three friends. It features a beautiful gothic-themed retro aesthetic, as well as a range of deadly weapons to use, including guns and magic spells that you can customize your character with, and upgrade.

Here are some of the intended features taken from the Steam page:

  • Navigate and battle through the city of Vestige, solo or in a group of up to four players.
  • Choose your loadout with a point-buy system for diverse builds with meaningful trade-offs.
  • Unlock new equipment as you progress, and upgrade it with materials found in the world.
  • Achieve a high score by defeating enemies, collecting items, and finishing stages quickly.
  • Get nostalgic with a retro-3D aesthetic reminiscent of the consoles of the late 90s.

Sadly, the game doesn't have a release date yet, but if you want to keep up to date we recommend wishlisting the project over on Steam. We'll also keep an eye out for any other information as it becomes available.