Last Bronx
Image: Sega Forever

Trivia questions about video games turn up in daytime TV quiz shows all the time – sometimes with hilarious results – but we think we may have found the most obscure example yet.

During a recent episode of The Chase on the UK channel ITV, Sega's oft-forgotten one-on-one fighter Last Bronx turned up as a question during one of the more challenging final rounds of the show:

What's even more remarkable is that celebrity contestant Dermot O'Leary answered the question correctly – although it's fair to say he may have just been guessing; when someone says 'Japanese city', giving 'Tokyo' as your reply is a pretty safe bet.

This isn't the only video game-related event that has taken place on The Chase recently; a short time ago, former EDGE, Official Nintendo Magazine and Total editor Steve Jarratt appeared on the show:

Developed by Sega AM3 and powered by the Model 2 arcade board, Last Bronx hit arcades in 1996. It takes place in an alternate version of Tokyo, where financial unrest has led to an underground fighting tournament called the All Tokyo Street Wars. The game was ported to the Sega Saturn in 1997.

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