Yosuke Okunari
Image: Yosuke Okunari

Update [Tue 6th Jun, 2023 12:45 BST]: Japanese site Game Watch has more details on the book.

It is scheduled to be released on July 3rd and will cost 1,980 yen. The book will comprise of the following chapters:

  • Prologue Sega Hard Prehistory (1970s~)
  • Chapter 1 SG-1000 (1983-)
  • Chapter 2 Sega Mark III (1985-)
  • Chapter 2.5 Game Magazines (1980s)
  • Chapter 3 Master System (1986-)
  • Chapter 4 Mega Drive (1988-)
  • Chapter 5 Game Gear (1990-)
  • Chapter 6 Sega Saturn (1994-)
  • Chapter 7 Dreamcast (1998-)
  • Chapter 8 Afterwards (2002-)

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Original Story [Mon 5th Jun, 2023 16:15 BST]: Sega producer Yosuke Okunari – a key figure in the company's recent efforts to celebrate its amazing past – has just revealed that he has written a book on Sega's history and hardware.

The book will be called Sega Hard Senki ('Sega Hardware War Record') and is to be published by Byakuya Shobō. There's no word on an English-language release as yet.

Here's what Google Translate comes up with:

Exactly one year has passed since the announcement of Mega Drive Mini 2, which began with professional wrestling with my uncle in another world! Unfortunately, there will be no new product announcements on this year's anniversary, but the game history book I've been writing as a side job is finally complete, so here's a sneak peek. I think that it will be officially announced and reservation will start soon. Thank you.

Okunari made the announcement on the anniversary of the reveal of the Mega Drive Mini 2, a micro-console packed with classic 16-bit Sega titles. As Okunari says, we're sadly not getting any new hardware this year, but at least this book will tide us over.