Mega Drive Mini 2 Tower
Image: Sega

When Sega released the original Mega Drive / Genesis Mini a few years ago, it also released a cosmetic expansion based on the Mega / Sega CD add-on, dubbed the 'Tower.'

While this didn't actually do anything (outside of looking cool), it did hide a cool secret – a piece of printed cardboard which mimics the look of the internal circuit boards and CD drive.

It's utterly useless, and most people won't even know it's there – but hey, it's still awesome.

Fast forward to the present, and Sega has just released the Mega Drive Mini IIand guess what? It has pulled off the same trick all over again.

The attention to detail is impressive, which makes it a real shame that Sega hasn't released this accessory outside of Japan. Did you import one from overseas? Let us know if you've been brave enough to crack yours open by posting a comment below.