Space Harrier II
Image: Sega

The new Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2 version of Space Harrier II appears to fix one of the game's biggest flaws, as demonstrated in a new video from iPlaySega.

The video, uploaded earlier today, delivers a comparison between the 2019 Mega Drive/Genesis Mini and the 2022 Mini 2 versions of Space Harrier II, and what's immediately apparent is that Sega has done a lot of work to get the game's sprites to scale properly on the latest model.

Back when Space Harrier II first launched for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989, the console couldn't handle sprite scaling in the traditional manner, so at the time, the team at Sega needed to pre-render graphics at various different sizes to produce a similar effect.

This, combined with the game's somewhat dodgy framerate, however, led to it looking somewhat choppier than expected. And this persisted in later rereleases. Now, though, thanks to the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2, this seems to be a thing of the past:

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