Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Mini 2
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Sega has published manuals online for the library of games featured on its Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Mini 2 console, the producer Yosuke Okunari revealed on Twitter.

The North American/European library includes manuals for all 60 titles featured in that region's release, including games for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Sega CD. So if you've ever been curious to look at the manual for Night Trap, Phantasy Star II, or Sonic CD, but don't own an original copy, now's a good opportunity to have a click around and take a look at them for yourself!

Sega has even produced English-language manuals for previously unreleased games like Star Mobile, and Devi & Pii, showing the incredible care and attention that has gone into this most recent product release.

If you want to look through some of these manuals online, you can do so on the Sega of Japan website. There's even an option to view the manuals for games featured on the Japanese release if you're at all curious. These pages feature a disclaimer warning that these are only digitized scans and may therefore be difficult to read in some places. It also clarifies that some functions recorded in the manuals may not work on the new hardware. Nevertheless, we're glad someone at Sega went to this additional effort.

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