Candy Creeps
Image: Digital Eclipse

Digital Eclipse is a company which has built its reputation on top-quality emulation and thoughtfully-produced retro collections, the most recent of which is the utterly superb Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection.

However, the developer has turned its attention to something original for Halloween; Candy Creeps is a Mario Bros.-style arcade platformer, and it's available for free on PC for a short period of time.

The game usually costs $4.99, but if you sign up to the Digital Eclipse mailing list by October 31st, you can get it for nothing.

Here's some PR about the game:

Play as Elma and Harper, two tweens who may or may not have inadvertently summoned the evil Pumpking, who has swiped the whole neighborhood's Halloween candy and hidden it inside his army of tiny, adorable decorative gourds," reads a press release. "Smash the pumpkins to find candy, then chow down. Once you're turbo-charged with sugar, transform into a costume-clad avenger and bash the Pumpking until he explodes! Master four unique levels and go for a high score in one- and two-player modes.

Candy Creeps is part of the 'Digital Eclipse Arcade' line, which is "a series of throwback games made for the Digital Eclipse community... a celebration of pure arcade gameplay." The company will release more of these games in the future, so keep your eyes on this very site for news.