Zelda Link's Awakening
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Many video games contain hidden secrets, but some are more obscure than others.

Take Zelda: Link's Awakening, for example; it hides a secret 'techno' remix for its main theme, which was added only to the German localisation of the title.

The man behind this cheeky little addition is Claude M. Moyse, editor of Germany's Club Nintendo magazine. Moyse also translated and localised many Nintendo games at the time, and one of his contributions to the Game Boy outing was a hidden tune.

That Moyse was able to get this piece of music past his superiors at Nintendo is remarkable, but even more shocking is that he hid some additional dialogue in the game, too. These were attributed to Cukeman enemies and, according to the Zelda Wiki, include:

Never without a condom!
Do you have any sorrows, hardships or problems?
Give me your juice, I'll give you mine...

This dialogue was removed in the German localisation of Link's Awakening DX. Phew!

Moyse is also responsible for the infamous German Nintendo comics, which were illustrated in Japan and then had Moyse's text added afterwards.

He also created one of the most controversial Kirby comics, which apparently came about because, as Moyse explained in a later interview, he disliked Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai and wanted to turn the character into a "freak."

It's worth noting that the interview in question is very light-hearted, and some believe he wasn't being entirely serious – but, as you can see from the scans below, this is a very different Kirby to the one we know and love.