Image: WayForward

WayForward announced yesterday on Twitter that it will be bringing the original Shantae game for the Game Boy Color to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year, on June 2nd, 2023 (thanks Fusionrgamer!). That will mean that all of the Shantae games will finally be available on PlayStation systems for the first time ever.

The platformer, about a half-genie named Shantae on a quest to stop an evil lady pirate named Risky Boots, was first released on the Game Boy Color back in 2002. It later spawned four sequels, including Risky's Revenge, The Pirate's Curse, Half-Genie Hero, and The Seven Sirens, and also got a rerelease on the Nintendo Switch in April 2021 utilizing Limited Run Games' Carbon Engine.

The rest of the Shantae games have since been ported to PlayStation 4 and 5, but Shantae for Game Boy Color is the last to make the jump across. This new rerelease of the game will also use the Carbon Engine and will feature a number of modern conveniences unique from the original Game Boy Color game like save states, new control options, and display filters.

Here are some of its key features, taken from the store page:

• Shantae's acclaimed original 8-bit adventure - now on modern systems!
• Use dance magic to transform into a monkey, an elephant, a spider, and more!
• Travel across Sequin Land, from forests and deserts to swamps and frigid peaks!
• Explore challenging labyrinths where devious bosses await!
• Buy a variety of items and upgrades to gain new abilities!
• Environments change from day to night!
• Discover secret passages! Find hidden Warp Squids and fireflies!
• Select between standard GBC mode or GBA-enhanced mode, featuring a bonus Tinkerbat transformation!
• Updated with save states, multiple display options, control improvements, and a mini art gallery!

It will cost $9.99 and will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store.

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