Super Mario Sunshine
Image: Nintendo

The Super Mario Sunshine logo certainly packs in a lot of stuff. You've got the iconic Star icon on one side and a palm tree on the other, along with the trail of brightly-coloured paint underneath, all hinting at elements contained with the joyful GameCube classic.

Then you've got the background texture applied to the letters, showcasing a blue ocean and equally blue skies. It's a pretty effective logo, all told.

If you assumed that ocean-and-sky texture was created by someone within Nintendo, you'd be incorrect – Twitter user (and creator of the Mario Kart 64 HD project) @AndratVA has just discovered precisely where that image is taken from:

The source is VisualDisk N-2 Clouds, image N2_39 – and what a lovely scene it is, too. No wonder Nintendo thought it would make for the perfect background for the Super Mario Sunshine logo.

Is this breaking news? Not really, but it's the kind of thing we love discovering all the same.