Evercade maker Blaze has just announced a special YouTube broadcast revealing future collections for the retro-focused family of systems.

Airing on May 31st, Evercade Showcase - Vol.1 promises to unveil 'new cartridge announcements' for the Evercade line, which includes the original Evercade handheld (which has now been discontinued), Evercade EXP and Evercade VS.

Released in 2020, the original Evercade presented an alternative to digital downloads by offering curated collections on physical carts, complete with printed, full-colour manuals. Since then, Blaze has signed deals with a wide range of publishers and IP holders, including Irem, Team17, The Bitmap Brothers, Piko Interactive, Jaleco, Technos, Codemasters, Toaplan, Atari, Namco and Intellivision – deals which have resulted in carts showcasing some of the best games these companies have to offer.

If you're looking for the full list of all Evercade cartridges released so far, we've got you covered.

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