Chouzetsurin Jin: Bravoman
Image: Namco

Hamster Corp has announced that Chouzetsurin Jin: Bravoman is the next Namco-developed title coming to PS4 & Nintendo Switch as part of Arcade Archives (thanks ohfivepro!). The game will be available to buy from June 8th on both consoles' digital storefronts.

If you've never heard of Chouzetsurin Jin: Bravoman before and are in need of a quick recap, it is a 1988 parody beat 'em-up/shoot-em-up game for Namco's System 1 arcade board about an insurance salesman called Hitoshi Nakamura (modelled after Namco's founder and then-president Masaya Nakamura) who is transformed into the superhero Bravoman and tasked with stopping the evil Dr. Bomb and his army of robots.

Chouzetsurin Jin: Bravoman
Image: Hamster/ohfivepro

Among his newfound powers is the ability to extend certain body parts (such as his arms, head, and legs) as well as seamlessly transform into a missile-equipped aquatic vehicle. Both of these are skills that he will eventually come to rely on to destroy the waves of enemies standing in his way and save the world.

The original arcade game was controlled using six pressure-sensitive buttons, which allowed players at the time to dictate how strong or weak they wanted their inputs to be. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how this is translated over to modern-day controllers.

Following its release in the arcades, the game later received rereleases for the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, as well as mobile phones, and the Wii Virtual Console (in addition to a webcomic and animated mini-series from Bandai Namco's now-defunct ShiftyLook division). Western reviews of the TurboGrafx-16 version on Virtual console, however, weren't particularly positive, with our neighbours at Nintendo Life giving it a 4/10 back in 2007.

The store pages aren't live yet but will go up closer to the time.