Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Update [Thu 27th Apr, 2023 22:55 BST]: The core is now live:

Update [Wed 19th Apr, 2023 10:30 BST]: We now have video footage of the core in action:

Original Story [Sat 15th Apr, 2023 10:30 BST]: FPGA developer Adam Gastineau has announced that he is working on an FPGA core for Bandai's famous Tamagotchi virtual pet – and it's coming to both the Analogue Pocket and MiSTer soon.

Tamagotchi took the world by a storm back in 1997, selling millions of units globally and spawning a massive range of spin-off merchandise, including video games.

Bandai has revived the brand in recent years, even going as far as to create a Tamagotchi smartwatch.

Gastineau's forthcoming core will be "full of features", including savestates, an automatic restore on core launch, a 'turbo' mode (up to 1,800x speed) and more.

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