ZX Spectrum Reconstructed
Image: bateman_ap/Reddit

A YouTuber by the name of Lost Retro Tapes recently finished a ridiculous yet incredible new project that immediately caught our attention: recreating a ZX Spectrum 48K entirely from scratch using only parts that are still being manufactured (Thanks Hackster!).

The YouTuber posted about the project on Reddit, sharing some more information and images of the finished build.

As he details in that post, he was successful in finding modern options for just about every single item to rebuild a new version of the ZX Spectrum 48k Issue 3 — all except for one. The LM1889N chip, which is a TV modulator integrated circuit (IC).

Remarkably, as Lost Retro Tapes reveals, he didn't just stop at building the Spectrum itself. He also went to the incredible effort of making new packaging for the build. This even includes making new Horizon tapes, stickers, and manuals for the box. You can find a full in-depth account of the build on Lost Retro Tapes' website. We also recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel too, where he will soon be uploading an entire video documenting the process.

As detailed on Twitter, Lost Retro Tapes plans to give the newly built Spectrum away as a prize on an upcoming RoseTintedSpectrum charity stream.

[source lostretrotapes.com, via hackster.io]