Pokemon Mini
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Australian modder Inside Gadgets has released a new 2MB flash cart for the Pokémon Mini, they announced on Twitter yesterday.

The Pokémon Mini was a tiny handheld console, which was released way back in 2001. It ran tiny interchangeable cartridges – all of which were based in and around the world of Pokémon.

At the moment, folks can already take advantage of flash carts like the Ditto Mini to play games on the original hardware, but this new device from Inside Gadgets will offer players and homebrew developers another alternative.

Inside Gadgets' 'Pokémon Mini 2MB Flash Cart' is currently available to buy for $34. Worth noting before you buy is that this is just the assembled PCB, with Inside Gadgets offering files on Thingiverse to 3D print the cart and the bottom shell with notch (to stop the cart from sliding out).

The cart is flashable using the GBxCart v1.4 with the Pokémon Mini add-on adapter (which is also currently available from the store for $8). A dedicated Pokémon Mini flasher will be released around mid-April, so you might want to hold on until then.

[source shop.insidegadgets.com, via twitter.com]