Quake Spectrum
Image: Modern ZX-Retro Gaming

Quake was a mind-blowing experience when it was first released. While it built on the good work seen in Wolfenstein and Doom, the game's immersive 3D environments and polygonal enemies made quite an impact – and its multiplayer mode would, of course, popularise the concept of a 'deathmatch'.

Quake got some ports back in the day – the Saturn one is especially impressive – but the notion of it running on something as humble as a ZX Spectrum isn't something we've given a lot of thought to over the years, if we're honest. But hey! It's now a reality, and we're pretty impressed (thanks, Indie Retro News).

Homebrew developers Alone Coder and Dragons' Lord have recreated the Quake engine on Sinclair's iconic 8-bit system. It uses the Doom UI and weapons and obviously lacks things like texture mapping, but aside from that, this is a seriously remarkable achievement – especially given the nature of the hardware.

If you fancy giving it a spin, you can download the demo here.

[source indieretronews.com]