Sega Consoles
Image: Arcade Tokyo

Sega is no longer in the business of making home video game hardware (well, outside of the odd micro-console, of course), but once upon a time, it was one of the leading lights in the sector, challenging the might of Sony and Nintendo with a host of well-regarded systems.

The company's arcade heritage gave it the experience and confidence to launch the SG-1000 in 1983 (on the same day as Nintendo's Family Computer, in fact), but it wouldn't achieve true success until it released the Genesis / Mega Drive in North America, which sold millions and established the company as a genuine rival to Nintendo.

Some would argue that it was all downhill from there; a series of hardware stumbles – including the Sega / Mega CD and 32X – would knock Sega back, and the 32-bit Saturn wasn't the commercial triumph many had expected. Even the beloved Dreamcast – which is host to some amazing games – was ultimately a disappointment in terms of units sold; it would be the company's final throw of the dice in the hardware arena, and in 2001 it was announced that Sega would become a third-party publisher.

Despite this, the company has left behind an impressive legacy in the realm of domestic gaming hardware – but which of its consoles is the best? Vote in the poll below, and be sure to leave a comment, too.

What's the best Sega system of all time? (1,406 votes)

  1. SG-1000 / SC-3000 / SG-1000 II  0%
  2. Master System / Mark III3%
  3. Mega Drive / Genesis / Nomad44%
  4. Game Gear1%
  5. Mega / Sega-CD1%
  6. Sega Pico  0%
  7. 32X1%
  8. Saturn12%
  9. Dreamcast38%