Multi-Monitor Doom
Image: Tech Tangents

As you probably know, we're quite fond of Doom over at Time Extension. In the past, we've covered stories on the classic first-person shooter running on everything from tractors to Notepad and even took it upon ourselves to uncover the truth about 3DO Doom's 'missing' FMV scenes. So when we came across Tech Tangents' recent video on getting Doom up and running on four computer monitors, we couldn't help but get excited (Thanks Hackaday!).

The video called "Doom The Way it Was Meant to Be Played - v1.1 Multi-monitor" reveals how this incredible feature was possible in the early '90s. In that video, Tech Tangents explains that it is actually the result of running multiple copies of Doom on individual computers and networking the machines together. This is only possible on version 1.1 of the shareware release, as in version 1.2 multi-monitor support was seemingly broken with the introduction of several changes to the network code.

Doom was one of the earliest computer games to take advantage of this kind of feature, with some speculating that it came about from John Carmack's visit to an Alaska Airlines facility in 1992 where he saw a flight simulator using a three-monitor setup. You can watch the full video below:

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