Doom PSX
Image: Roger Motzkus/Williams Entertainment

In the past, we've covered news stories about the first-person shooter Doom being played on hacked farming equipment and inside Doom itself, and now it seems that the absurdity continues with an experimental game dev named Sam Chiet getting Doom to run inside Notepad at 60FPS (as spotted by The Escapist).

That's right, you heard us correctly - Notepad - the pre-installed text editor you'd find on every Windows PC.

In this version of the game, the visuals for Doom are recreated in black and white, with text and negative space being used to display the game's graphics. According to Chiet, there's no fakery afoot, with the creator writing in a follow-up tweet that the footage isn't sped up and that he hasn't modified the code of notepad.exe at all. He plans to release it in the near future.

In the past, Chiet has been responsible for a ton of other creative ideas like the above. There were his attempts to bring Xbox Kinect back from the dead and his excellent desktop Goose companion that wreaks havoc on your computer (in a good way). We recommend checking out their YouTube channel for a closer look at some of these amazing creations.

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