Maniac Mansion PC Collector's Edition
Image: Limited Run Games

This week, on Twitter, Limited Run Games announced that it will be bringing out physical rereleases of the classic Lucasfilm Games title Maniac Mansion for both PC and NES. There will be three options to pick from, including a standard and premium edition of Maniac Mansion on the NES, and a collector's edition for PC.

The standard NES edition includes the game, a manual, and a bulletin-board poster, and costs $59.99. The premium NES edition, meanwhile, costs $99.99 and adds a bunch of other good stuff including the Maniac Mansion original soundtrack, a premium edition box, and a two-sided 18"x24" poster. That's in addition to a lenticular microwave pen, a logo patch, and a mini game cart keychain.

Maniac Mansion NES Standard Edition
Maniac Mansion NES standard edition — Image: Limited Run Games
Maniac Mansion NES Premium Edition
Maniac Mansion NES premium edition — Image: Limited Run Games

The PC collector's edition costs $74.99 and features some of the same items, but swaps out the NES cart for a physical copy of the PC game with the soundtrack included. It also adds a Nuke'm Alarms Owner's Disarmament Guide & Code Viewer and a USB stick (that includes the game). These are not included in any of the other versions.

Maniac Mansion PC Collector's Edition
Maniac Mansion PC collector's edition — Image: Limited Run Games

In case you're unfamiliar, Maniac Mansion was originally released on the Apple II and C64 computers in 1987. Other versions followed in the years following including ports for MS-DOS, NES, Commodore Amiga, and Atari ST. A version of the game was also playable in its sequel Day of the Tentacle in Weird Ed's room.

Here's a brief description of the classic point-and-click adventure from Limited Run Games' website:

"Ever since that meteor landed, strange things have been sighted at Dr. Fred's old mansion. Disembodied tentacles hopping around. Chainsaws in the kitchen. Plants with unusual appetite. An odd glow from the swimming pool. And now, sweet Sandy the cheerleader is in Dr. Fred's clutches. So round up your pals, take a deep breath, and get ready for the weirdest, funniest adventure of your life.

An adventure so compelling, you'll never want to leave... which is just what Dr. Fred wants. "Heh, Heh, Heh..."

You can preorder the games from Limited Run Games website. They will be available to preorder on February 17th. While you're at it, you may also want to check out Limited Run's other Lucasfilm Games collector's editions for PC, including Sam & Max Hit the Road and Loom.

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