Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Konami's Castlevania series has been rumbling on since the 1980s, and while we haven't seen a new entry in quite some time, it remains one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history – and has recently picked up a whole new legion of fans thanks to Netflix's entertaining animated adaptation.

Given that the vampire-hunting antics of the Belmont clan have echoed across multiple hardware platforms and many different instalments, we thought it might be a good time to ask you – our dear readers – to rate each one in order for us to revise our previously-published list of the best Castlevania titles.

Rather than having a list of games sorted solely on our own personal opinion, we want the Time Extension readership to influence the list, offering a far more diplomatic ranking for the whole franchise. So, if you feel that we were unfair on Castlevania Judgment or that we rated Belmont's Revenge too highly, now is your chance to right that wrong.

The final ranking will be entirely down to 'User Ratings from our games database. Readers can rate any Castlevania game they like, and once a minimum threshold has been reached, that game becomes eligible for the list according to its overall rating. The ranking is fluid and can fluctuate over time.

Cast your ratings below, and these will directly influence our new-and-improved ranking when we republish it in the next few weeks.