Crypt Of Dracula
Image: matteusbeus

Homebrew efforts for vintage games console have come a long way in recent years, with some games being so polished and playable that they get digital releases on modern platforms, like Switch and Steam.

The Mega Drive / Genesis has been the recipient of plenty of these projects, with the likes of Xeno Crisis, Paprium and Demons of Asteborg being particularly impressive.

It looks like we can now add another title to that list, as indie developer Matteusbeus is putting the finishing touches to Crypt of Dracula, a "simplistic dungeon crawling experience that will run on genuine SEGA hardware".

As you can see from the latest footage below, it's looking (and sounding) very decent indeed.

While we've yet to have a first-person Castlevania outing, this one is looking is giving us serious Belmont vibes.

The plan is for Crypt Of Dracula to be released on a proper cartridge. Will you be keeping an eye on this one? Let us know with a comment.