Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is one of the most divisive entries in Konami's long-running vampire-killing franchise. Some love it for its open-ended nature and amazing music, while others lament the fact that it's somewhat obtuse and, at times, brutally difficult.

Regardless of where you happen to stand on the matter, this new remake from Warmachine Studios should be of interest. Totally unofficial and free to download on your PC, Castlevania Chronicles II Simon's Quest is a from-the-ground-up remaining of the 1987 NES / Famicom Disc System entry and comes with a raft of new features, as well as upgraded visuals, music and controls.

Here are some highlights:

  • Currency system - no more using hearts for currency and subweapons
  • Mansions - each mansion is different and doesn't take influence from the original game, other than title Each mansion will have it's own boss to fight to get all of Dracula's Remains
  • Save/Load system - no more passwords. Save points are scattered throughout the game
  • Additional Subweapons - the Axe and Cross have been added
  • Cycling has been streamlined by using the LB/RB
  • Controller Support - compatible with any PC controller that is recognized with XBOX drivers. Rumble support added
  • World Map - added to help keep track of where you are going
  • Remixed OST - a blend of metal + orchestra containing the games OST as well as various other tracks from other CV titles
  • Slide - allows you to slip past enemies and bosses to keep you from getting cornered as easily
  • FMV - Fully 3D cutscenes
  • Multiple Endings
  • Updated NPC and dialogue - NPC's actually provide useful information that help you out
  • Priests - In each church the priest will sell you the max amount of hearts

You can download the game here. Note that this is a Google Drive link, and you download it at your own risk.