Wario Land 4
Image: Nintendo

As spotted by Gaming Bible, a gamer named KrisReed recently took to Reddit to share a picture of their grandmother's video game collection. However, it appears their late relative apparently didn't know how to overwrite existing game files, so amassed an impressive collection of 26 Wario Land 4 carts.

Reed shared the picture on r/gaming with the caption "My grandmother's game collection. We're not sure if she knew how to overwrite existing game files" and it quickly caught the attention of other gamers online, with some people doubting the story, while some were simply fascinated with the connotations of how someone could be so dedicated as to acquire so many copies of the same game.

Asked outright why their grandmother had so many copies of Wario Land 4 in the replies, they responded:

"No idea. She also left a number of tutorials from online websites printed on paper as well as messages for her grandchildren (me) explaining the games. I love her very much and this [memento] was very bittersweet. Maybe it was Wario's love for garlic."

In addition to Wario Land 4, the picture Reed posted also appears to show 13 copies of Mario Pinball Land (or Super Mario Ball as it's called in Europe and Japan) and 19 Game Boy Advance SPs. Sadly the rest of the games toward the top of the photo are a bit too blurred to make out, though we did give it a good old try.

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[source reddit.com, via gamingbible.co.uk]