The Town With No Name
Image: Delta 4

Correction: [Tue:10th Jan, 2023 19:00 GMT]: The original article stated that the game featured a joke mechanic whenever you tried "to end or exit it". The fan remake's developer @AirbudDwyer reached out to clarify this only occurs during the "Not Shane Kid" ending. We've amended the article below to reflect this.

Original Article - [Tue 10th Jan, 2023 11:30 GMT]: As part of the online game jam Ludum Dare 52, a developer who goes by @AirbudDwyer has created a fan remake of the infamous Commodore CDTV title The Town With No Name inside of Unity. This means you can now experience this hypnotically awful game for yourself in HD.

The original game, in case you're unfamiliar, was released all the way back in 1992 for the Commodore CDTV, with a version for MS-DOS following one year later. At the time, it received mostly negative reviews from publications like Amiga Format, Amiga Game Zone, and PC Review, with most reviewers highlighting its lack of longevity and its poor 3D animations. That likely explains how someone was able to recreate the entire thing in just a day inside of a game jam.

Since then, the game has become subject to countless memes online, thanks to its unintentionally hilarious quick-time events ("Give me a drink bartender!") and cutscenes ("My name's not Shane kid!").

The description of the remake reads:

"Complete Unity Remake of The Town With No Name featuring new first-person mechanics, a fully explorable 3D town, cutscenes, secrets, and hardcore cowboy action. Experience life at its most vivid in The Town With No Name."

Something to note is that the remake currently features a "joke" mechanic, which shuts down your computer whenever you unlock the Not Shane Kid ending by immediately getting back on the train (as highlighted by the Bad Game Hall of Fame on Twitter). It's something to consider if you're planning on giving it a try. You can check out footage of the original game below:

What do you make of this remake? Would you like to see more "bad games" remade? Let us know in the comments!