Ikki Unite
Image: Sunsoft

If you follow Japanese gaming trends, then you will no doubt have heard of the term 'Kusoge', which translates to 'Crap Game'. Apparently coined by Japanese essayist Jun Miura, Kusoge can refer to any video game which is just plain bad; it doesn't have to be broken or unplayable, just rubbish.

The game that inspired the creation of this term is Sunsoft's Ikki, released in arcades and on the Famicom in 1985 (it's known as Boomerang and Farmers Rebellion outside of Japan). Although the game sold well on Nintendo's console, it has gained a reputation as being a poor piece of software – but Sunsoft intends to redeem its reputation via Ikki Unite, an update which is coming to Steam this November.

“You can’t riot with just one or two people!” reads the game's Steam page – a reference to the fact that 'Ikki' means 'revolt' in Japanese. While the Famicom version was limited to two players, Ikki Unite will allow up to 16 people to participate – a proper rebellion, if you will.

You can check out some gameplay below.