Mario Movie
Image: Buena Vista Pictures

In case you hadn't noticed, the teaser trailer for The Super Mario Movie went live yesterday, and, as is so often the case, the internet has opinions.

There was already some degree of disquiet when it was first announced that Chris Pratt would be providing Mario's voice, and the trailer – as nice as it was – did little to allay such concerns. Pratt appears to be talking almost entirely in his own voice rather than attempting to engineer an Italian accent (for some, that might actually be a blessing).

Those of you with long memories will recall the exact same thing happened a few decades ago when the late, great Bob Hoskins stepped into Mario's red overalls. The Englishman adopted a Brooklyn accent for 1993's live-action Super Mario Bros. movie, in keeping with the film's storyline that placed the Mario siblings in real-world New York.

In fact, while we're on the topic, it does seem rather rich that so many people are kicking up a stink about Mario's voice in this new movie when you consider how much of the 1993 film deviates entirely from the subject matter. Of course, back in the early '90s, filmmakers lacked the computing power to create a convincing fantasy world entirely in CGI – and there was the small matter of Mario's world not being as fleshed-out in the video games as it is today.

Still, we do wonder what would happen if the 1993 film had been released today – Mario's voice would be the least of the internet's concerns, we'd wager.

Here are some edited highlights, and the trailer, to remind you of its utter magnificence.