Intellivision Amico
Image: Intellivision

The Intellivision Amico has to rank as one of the most fascinating – and prolonged – video game hardware launches of all time.

Initially announced back in 2018, the system was crowdfunded in 2020, but its release has been delayed more than once, and those who placed a pre-order are understandably anxious to get some kind of update from the company.

That update has come, but it's perhaps not as reassuring as many will have hoped. Intellivision CEO Phil Adam – who took over from Tommy Tallarico at the start of 2022 – has replied to a request for more information on Twitter:

Adam said very much the same kind of thing in July of 2022. In the same month, Stainless Games boss Patrick Buckland – whose company has been working on Amico software – reiterated that the console wasn't dead yet, but added that development on further Amico titles had been halted for the time being.