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The Southern Californian offices of Intellivision, the company behind the beleaguered Wii-style family-friendly Amiico console, are now standing empty and available to lease.

As highlighted by Ian and Pat on the latest Completely Unnecessary Podcast, the premises where former CEO Tommy Tallarico and his team planned out the design and launch of the troubled still-to-be-released console — as seen in this archived stream — are now available to rent. You can check out the listing yourself if you're looking for office space in the SoCal area.

Tallarico stepped down as CEO of the company back in February. This followed several years of difficulties following the revival of Intellivision as a company back in 2018. Since then, Intellivision closed down a round of investor fundraising when it became clear it had no hope of reaching the proposed 'maximum offering' of $5 million. The company posted an unboxing video in March, but the likelihood of the system ever being released seems remote given the struggles it faces, even after the firm made significant staff cuts.

You can check out a YouTube clip from the CUPodcast for an in-depth discussion of the vacant offices and other unfortunate aspects of the Intellivision Amico story and Ian and Pat's experiences, including an Amico developer demonstrating lag on the system. Be warned, it features strong language and not a small amount of dismay and anger.

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The original vision of Amico was apparently to offer parents and families a Nintendo Wii-style alternative to violent, family-unfriendly games, but the COVID-19 pandemic struck a blow to the already struggling project. Its empty former offices serve as a stark reminder of how perilous and unforgiving the video game hardware industry can be.

Reckon we'll ever see the Amico launch in a recognisable form? Looking for some office space? Let us know below.

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Fri 15th July, 2022.

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