Gyro Blade
Image: Tendokore/Time Extension

Earlier this month, the retro publisher Tendokore announced that it is bringing the Japanese developer H.T. Project Games' vertical shoot 'em up GyroBlade to the Nintendo Switch eShop. It will be arriving just in time for Christmas on December 19th and will cost $4.99.

GyroBlade was previously published on Steam back in December 2020, but despite receiving a few positive reviews it largely went unnoticed. Now, though, seems to be a perfect excuse for those who missed it the first time around to finally go and give it a try.

The game is a shoot 'em up in the style of classic arcade games like Twin Cobra and Tiger-Heli. It features 8 different stages, selectable difficulty modes, collectible items and power-ups, and a charming pixel-art aesthetic. If you're a seasoned shmup player, it will definitely be worth a try given the reasonable price! You can wishlist it now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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