Mega Man
Image: Capcom

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the worlds of classical and Mega Man combined? Well, if you've ever heard of Chips 'N Cellos, you probably already have the answer.

The musical trio has already released two free compilation albums - Compose Man (2020) and Compose Man 2 (2021) — featuring reimaginings of familiar classical pieces in a chiptune style reminiscent of early Mega Man NES games, and is just about to release its third to tie in with the series's 35th anniversary.

Compose Man 3, as the album is imaginatively called, will be its final compilation, this time giving the chiptune treatment to pieces from Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Bach, as well as more modern composers like John Williams and Joe Hisaishi.

Each composer is accompanied by their own Mega Man-Esque illustration and there are expected to be over 80+ tracks in total.

Unlike the previous two compilations, which were primarily composed by the brothers and sister trio, this latest release will feature the contributions of over 50+ musicians in the Mega Man community including theta, MelonadeM, Bran, and many, many more. It's a true love letter to the series and of course, to classical music in general.

A playlist of the submitted tracks is already available over on YouTube, but the official release will be on Saturday 17th December. We're assuming that's when the rest of the tracks will be uploaded to the playlist.

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