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Image: Pexels/David Peterson

Doriano Benaglia probably isn't a name many video game fans are aware of, but he is a historic figure in the Italian games industry for his role in founding Lindasoft, one of the first Italian software houses.

At Lindasoft, Benaglia was responsible for working on many different titles, including the unlicensed Beatles' adventure I Beatles e Il Papiro Della Pace and a string of other games for Atari 8-bit computers. But sadly, he hasn't given many interviews over the years and his whereabouts are currently unknown. As such, it's been mostly left to random individuals online to piece together his legacy in games and archive his surviving work.

Recently on Twitter, the Italian video game historian (and sometimes Time Extension contributor) Damiano Gerli alerted us to the appearance of another one of Benaglia's games online, from before he ever founded Lindasoft.

The game, which is called 2030 Radio Killers, appears to be a collaboration between the artist Benaglia and another individual named Daniele Guarino who handled the code. It is an Italian graphic adventure controlled using a parser, and according to Gerli, takes place in a future New York where the player had to solve a conspiracy against a bunch of radio networks.

According to the website Atarimania, who was responsible for dumping the game with the help of a user named Rocky007, a mysterious publisher named Lago Sistemi released it for Atari 400/600 computers back in 1986. If you want to take a look at the game for yourself, you can download it from the Atarimania website. Though, as should be apparent by now, it's in Italian, so bear that in mind.

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