Image: Sega

If you're a Sega fan, you've probably heard of Ristar. The adventure platformer, featuring a cartoon star with extendable arms, was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in early 1995 just prior to the Sega Saturn's launch in the west.

As such, it was a little overshadowed at the time and didn't really do much for the publisher in terms of sales, at least when compared with the company's other star platformer. But though it wasn't as popular as its distant cousin Sonic, it has still managed to endear itself to generations of players over the years, through reappearances on various compilations and through cameos in later Sega games.

If you're one of these players, you'll be likely glad to hear that an archival community called The Hidden Palace has recently preserved "an early preproduction video of various designs of Feel/Ristar from 1993" (as spotted on Twitter by Gosokkyu).

The video comes courtesy of aging SECAM PAL VHS tapes that the professional film scanners @kinekovideo transferred and shows various early designs and animations for the lead character. This includes a selection of different sprite combinations as well as different color samples.

According to Hidden Palace, Sega of Japan like created the video, dated two years before Ristar's official release, to show various styles and sprite combinations to Sega executives and settle on a design that would be more appealing to the market Sonic had previously captured. It also isn't the only video that they managed to preserve from a recent video haul, with the two groups also managing to transfer a playthrough of a never-before-seen Sonic 3 prototype.

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