Full Throttle
Image: LucasArts

Video game adaptions seem to be back in vogue again, with everything from Super Mario Bros. to The Last of Us getting the film and TV treatment.

However, something you may have missed, amidst all these announcements and teasers, is that the director of Moon and Warcraft Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon on Twitter) once expressed interest in working on an adaptation of LucasArts' Full Throttle after coming across the brilliant 'Full Throttle 2020' fan trailer from Rick & Mario Animation Studio.

Better yet, during a period of writer's block, they put together a complete 94-page script, which they posted online. Recently, it came to our attention again, after Jones republished the script to his timeline and it reminded us again what could have been.

Full Throttle, in case you need reminding, is a point-and-click adventure game released in 1995 for MS-DOS about a biker named Ben, who must clear his name after being framed for the murder of a beloved motorcycle manufacturer named Malcolm Corley.

The script starts as you expect if you've played the game, with Ben's monologue, Corley and Ripburger in the limo, and the Gone Jackal's Legacy underscoring The Polecat's dramatic entrance. Just like in the game, the story then cuts to The Kickstand bar, where Ben gets jumped after refusing Ripburger's offer to escort Corley to the Corley Motor's shareholders meeting.

He wakes up in a dumpster to discover his bike is gone and there's a pitch-perfect interpretation of the classic scene where Ben uses the bartender's nose ring to get information about how Ripburger intends to frame the gang.

It's a wonderful script to read if you're a fan of the game, but sadly it seems like it remains just a writing exercise as opposed to anything that's been greenlit. That's despite having the approval of Full Throttle designer Tim Schafer, and Lucasfilm Games executive producer Craig Derrick. Obviously making movies is a bit more complicated than a few people saying "I'd love to make it!" but with Disney+ now a thing, it would make a wonderful one-off or limited series.

If you want to read about another LucasArts adaptation that sadly got stuck in limbo, you can check out this Polygon article about the cancelled Curse of Monkey Island film that this humble author wrote back in their freelance days.

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