Super Scope Super Mario Bros.
Image: Hollywood Pictures

The Analogue Pocket is fast becoming the retro handheld of choice, thanks to the fact that the recent v1.1 update has opened the system up to FPGA developers, who are hard at work porting over existing FPGA cores. We've already had the likes of the Neo Geo and SNES – and, by all accounts, Mega Drive / Genesis is on the way – and now another developer is working on adding value to the SNES core in a quite unexpected way.

Shane Lynch – who is co-owner of Devoured Studios and worked on Salt And Sacrifice with Ska Studios – has come up with a way of playing SNES Super Scope games on the Pocket. No, the actual accessory doesn't work on the machine (obviously) – instead, the D-pad will control a crosshair.

Lynch has been in contact with Adam Gastineau – who ported the SNES core to the Pocket – and it seems there are plans afoot to add this little feature to the existing core.