Analogue Pocket
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Update [Fri 23rd Sep, 2022 18:20 BST]: The core is now live, but be warned - it's in a very early state and not much works.

Original Story [Thu 22nd Sep, 2022 10:45 BST]: We recently reported on the valiant efforts to bring SNES support to the Analogue Pocket handheld, and we're now very pleased to report that Nintendo's 16-bit rival, the Genesis / Mega Drive, is next up for the port treatment.

The Pocket's v1.1 update has opened it up to FPGA developers, many of which are working hard to port over existing FPGA cores to the machine. We've already had the SNES and Neo Geo, and it would seem that the Mega Drive is close, too.

Developer Eric Lewis has shown off video of the core in action, and admits that the video "isn’t all the way there... I’m very bad at figuring out video. So.. it’ll take a while." He adds that PAL games aren't currently supported, either, and that 32X support will most likely come via another core.