Professor Layton
Image: Level-5/Nintendo

We love a good demake here at Time Extension. So when we saw this beautiful reimagining of Professor Layton and the Curious Village running on a Game Boy Color, we knew we had to shout about it.

The almost 2-minute video is the work of Game Boy Demakes, a person who specializes in the art of creating demakes mock-ups for the Nintendo handheld. In the past, they've done mock-ups for Myst, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and Chibi-Robo, but this time around it seems they've turned their attention to the first game in Level-5's marvelous puzzle-adventure series.

The video of the demake shows the familiar title screen, recreated in GB Studio, with Layton's car on its way to the town of St. Mystere. It then cuts to a conversation between Layton and a mysterious named NPC Marco, before ending with Layton's assistant Luke solving a puzzle.

As Game Boy Demakes points out on Twitter, this isn't just an animated slideshow like their previous work, but features music from the talented beatscribemusic, who has lovingly recreated some familiar Professor Layton tracks.

We asked Game Boy Demakes why they picked Layton, and they told us it was the result of a vote from their Patreon subscribers. They did add, however:

"I think the game is in the hearts of many a DS fan, kickstarting a series that spanned seven games, a movie, a TV series, manga, and more. My personal connection is it's a game I played with my then girlfriend (soon-to-be wife!), and it's just a wonderfully memorable game. I tended to do all the sliding puzzles and she'd always do the more brain teasers/riddles!"

If all this wasn't fascinating enough, they also got it running on the Super Game Boy, a peripheral for the SNES that lets you play Game Boy titles on your TV.

We recommend checking out Game Boy Demakes other work and giving them a follow to stay up to date with their latest creations! And if you want to check out the mock-up for yourself, you can download the ROMs from their site.

What do you think of this mock-up? Do you think Professor Layton would work without the touchscreen? Let us know in the comments!

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