Frogger 2
Image: Blitz Games/Hasbro

On HighwayFrogs.Net, a website for fans of the Frogger series, a user named Kneesnap announced this week that they had gained access to a motherload of Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge development materials from the defunct studio Blitz Games (as spotted by MrTalida on Twitter).

The haul includes everything from concept art to level designs to prototype builds to source code back-ups, raw game assets, and even voice recordings. The chances are, if you can name it, it's probably there.

As Kneesap writes on the forum, some of the highlights he's come across so far include:

  • Over one thousand pages of paper documents, including concept art, level designs, design documents, storyboards for the FMVs, etc.
  • Pitches for Frogger 3 and Frogger Wii.
  • At least 10 source code backups (So far: Final PSX + Final Dreamcast + N64 code 5 months before release + 90% of PC code 1 month before release.)
  • At least 18 prototype builds, with many changes from final. (So far: 2 N64, 10 PSX, 6 PC)
  • Tons of beta content (Including beta FMVs and music)
  • A near-final backup of Chicken Run's source code.
  • Raw game assets (eg: textures in .bmp form, original 3D models, etc)
  • Studio voice actor recordings for Frogger, Lillie, Swampy, etc.

Needless to say, it's an impressive haul. And hopefully, it will go some way to helping fans understand how the 3D action game was originally put together. Kneesnap stated on the forums that he plans to make (almost) everything publicly available, with the exception of some sensitive information like personal emails, addresses/phone numbers, and payroll information. These redactions will be done with the input of The Oliver Twins who were the original founders of Blitz Games.

The items were gathered from various sources and cost Kneesnap over $1000, and that's just one expense he's paid while preserving Frogger's history. So he asks people to support him on Patreon to help him continue his work:

"If you like the kinds of things we do and want to help enable us to continue, consider joining our Patreon. A detailed post detailing all of the different costs will be posted soon, after the archiving process is complete. (There are still some costs of unknown amount left)"

If you're unfamiliar with Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge, it was the sequel to the 1997 remake of Frogger for the PlayStation, which had you explore a 3D environment collecting baby frogs. The sequel kept the same four-way directional movement of that previous game but featured more linear maps, similar to games like Crash Bandicoot.

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