Retro Fighters Defender
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Retro Fighters have been making waves in the video game accessory arena for a while now thanks to their ergonomic designs and great build quality. The firm has already taken on the likes of the Dreamcast and N64, and for its next trick, it's taking on the PlayStation range of systems.

The Retro Fighters Defender works on the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS Classic, as well as the Nintendo Switch and PC. Some of those systems don't have wireless tech built-in, and for this, the Defender comes with two transmitters in the box – one for the PS1 / PS2 and the other for the PS Classic.

Before we get into the tech, it's worth highlighting the design of the Defender. Like Retro Fighters' other products, it's comfortable to use without being too flashy. The D-pad is excellent (and is certainly an improvement on the 'segmented' pad design that Sony has been using on these systems), while the analogue sticks are precise and responsive.

As a neat historical bonus, the action buttons are pressure-sensitive – an innovation that Sony was in love with for a brief moment in time. Vibration support is also included, but sadly there's no 'Sixaxis' motion-sensing on PS3; that's coming in a future SKU, which will be compatible with PS3 only and will use Bluetooth connectivity.

The Defender's internal rechargeable battery is good for around ten or so hours on a single charge, while the wireless range of around 30 feet. With a retail price of £39.99 and four available colours (black, blue, grey and green), the Defender is a solid choice, especially if you own all of the supported systems and you're in the market for a controller that can work on all of them.

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Thanks to Games Connection for sending the Retro Fighters Defender used in this review.